Salesforce Foundation

We helped Salesforce Foundation communicate their mission and grow their relationships with nonprofits and higher-education institutions.

Building a Foundation

In addition to its philanthropic mission, the Foundation powers CRM solutions for more than 15,000 nonprofit and higher-ed institutions. In an effort to meet these two goals, this had caused content overload on the site. Our first objective: cut the clutter. We re-organized, prioritized and eliminated content to focus the message and the user experience.

Design, Test, Repeat

To get the right balance we developed several interactive prototypes that were distributed to key constituents - Foundation stakeholders and key customers. Through an iterative feedback process we landed on a user-flow and presentation layout that got users where they needed to go easily.

Visual Design

Our goal with the visual design was to allude to the look-and-feel of the Salesforce brand while giving the Foundation a look of it’s own. We introduced hand drawn elements and a more organic color palette to the existing Salesforce brand to achieve a unique look for the Foundation.

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